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General Information

The UT online directory contains contact information about people associated with the university. This includes names, phone numbers, email addresses, affiliation, department, major, campus, etc. Note: The directory will only return a maximum of 40 results per query.

Most information is restricted to on-campus viewing only. If browsing from outside the known university domains, you will see a limited subset of information, depending on whether that information is for a student, or faculty/staff. Login to browse the directory normally from off-campus locations.

One important thing to note about the directory is that its data comes from multiple sources across the state and each source may specify information in a different manner. For example, a person's full name may be entered with a full middle name, or with just the middle initial. This sort of thing needs to be taken into account when querying the directory.

Another thing to remember about the directory is that it knows nothing about nicknames, standard abbreviations, etc. Searching for Chris when the fellow is really named Christopher won't work. Neither will searching for Bill when the name is actually William. There is a field to specify a nickname, but it is up to the individual to put something in the nickname field. It is initially empty.

One final point is that some people go by their middle name instead of their first name. The directory doesn't know this and searching this way will most likely fail unless the person has thought to add their middle name as their nickname.

Note: the search string you specify is matched against a number of directory attributes. The common name (cn), given name, surname (sn), netid (uid) and department (ou) attributes may all be searched to find matching entries. This may cause more stuff to be returned than you intended, so formulate your queries carefully.

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