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Search Hints

The following are general rules for successfully querying the directory:

  • Enter at least a first and last name, and avoid middle names if possible.
  • First name goes first. (Albert Wilson is not the same as Wilson Albert).
  • Omit salutations and suffixes (i.e., Mr, Mrs, Dr, Jr, Sr, III, etc.).
  • Omit all punctuation except for the hyphen (-). (Albert Wilson-Lewis is acceptable).
  • Avoid using nicknames. For example, use William instead of Bill, or Elizabeth instead of Liz.
  • Unless stated otherwise, the asterisk (*) can be used as a wildcard, but it doesn't always work the way you think.


To find Dr. Albert Eric Wilson, Jr., DMD, you would try entering one of the following:

  • albert wilson
  • albert e* wilson
  • a* wilson

Search Keywords

The keywords below may be used as the first word in your query to provide a hint of the type of search you desire. Keywords may be abbreviated.

personal name.
a department or organization name.
a LDAP display name (last, first mi).
an LDAP group name.
an e-mail address
a standard NetID.
a 4, 5, 7 or 10-digit telephone number; the wildcard (*) character is not allowed. You must log in to use this keyword.
a person last name


Examples of search keywords:

  • netid ewilso8
  • cn albert e* wilson
  • mail
  • phone 4-1619
  • surname wilkinson
  • group helpdesk

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